Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Bit of a Resurrection

I realize I have not updated since oh about... 6 months. As you can see I am a quality blogger who is great at time management and sticking to things.


I figured that since I have a little free time in life now I could post small reviews or updates on things and not be too serious. Since it has been about half a year I should probably update some major things that have happened.

Began my sophmore year of high school- The school year began simple enough. The only class I was worried about was Earth Science. I had taken the lower level class because Chemistry was not something I enjoyed. I walked into the classroom and noticed two things. 1. I had no friends in that class. 2. It was a collection of the dumbest people I had grown up with throughout elementary and middle school. My only response to all this was NOPE. Promptly after class ended I went to the counselors office to change my schedule. In the end I got switched into Chemistry, and while I did have friends in the class and it wasn't full of idiots. I have never had a worse teacher in my life. It's the kind of teacher that makes you cringe when anything remotely related to the subject comes up outside of school. She made me hate Chemistry so much when I have a feeling I could have grown to love it.

Finished first semester with straight A's- That's right. Soak in the fact that I'm awesome and you're not.

Got my hair dyed- I've never had it dyed before and I was always worried about how it turned out. I got it dyed in a really cool looking two-tone.

God I love gyaru style. It came out looking pretty well if I do say so myself. I got it dyed a little darker than my natural color on one half and a light blonde on the other. It's a bigger contrast than the ones the girls in the pictures have.

I know I did more interesting things this year, but those where what I could remember. I made new friends, rejoined tennis, am attempting to create a fashion club at my school, and got a new lolita skirt.


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