Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Anime Season

The summer anime season started a little over a week ago. I was pretty excited for Ookami-san and Highschool of the Dead and that was pretty much it. I loved the character designs for Ookami-san a lot and was excited to watch, but boy was I let down. The general quality of the show was just...low. The pacing was bad and the small 'plot' that was in the episode was just boring. The characters themselves all seemed pretty ok except for the stupid tsundere lead. They just overdid it and honestly after watching tons of shows with girls being violent to guys for laughs it just gets old.

I thought that I could give the series another chance though so I waited, downloaded, and then tried to watch the second episode. I couldn't even finish it I was that annoyed. I'm considering it dropped.

It's sort of a silly thing to say but another reason the show was just extra bad were the stupid OP and ED. If the songs were actually catchy and they were more interesting I might have wanted to watch it more.

The other series I started was Highschool of the Dead. I've been reading the manga and was excited when the anime was announced. I was not disappointed at all. It stuck pretty close with the manga and the animation was great. There was more fanservice than in the manga though I don't care at all since it's pretty easy for me to ignore that kind of stuff. The music was great and really added to the atmosphere as well. I'm excited to see more of the other characters in the upcoming episodes.

The one thing I'm worried about is how they'll end it. The series is only going to be twelve or thirteen episodes, and the manga isn't finished so Madhouse will either leave on some sort of cliffhanger, or they might make up their own ending which I really hope they don't.

Overall I'm pretty excited to see more of Highschool of the Dead as long as the quality keeps up.

This summer I really want to get a lot of anime watching done both new series and old series that I've never seen. For a new series I picked one that seemed to be pretty well liked, Amagami SS.

The show is based off of a visual novel for Playstation 2. I chose it because the art looking pretty good and I just wanted another show to watch and be interested in. I'm pretty glad I chose Amagami because it's great so far. The character are all likable so far and the protagonist isn't too big of a pansy like you usually see in romance series.

A couple series that aren't from this season that I'm watching are Tatami Galaxy and Baccano! I've downloaded the whole Baccano! series and haven't gotten around to watching it yet, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Tatami Galaxy I'm really enjoying. The art is unique but still appealing to the eyes, the series is a bit confusing at first until you get the hang of things(including some of the speed talking in the first episode). I like all of the characters and it's pretty funny too. A sort of funny thing is after I finished the first episode of Tatami Galaxy and as the ED was playing I felt really relaxed and happy.

I haven't watched a show that just made me so relaxed and eager to watch the next episode in years. It feels sort of like when I first got into anime or watched a Ghibli film. It gave me sort of a nostalgia trip even though the series itself just came out this year!

I'm really looking forward to finishing up this summer with a lot more anime under my belt.


Punk1119 said...

This season I've been trying to watch everything so I don't miss anything good. A lot of anime to watch, but it's fun.

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